When psychotherapy can help?

People turn to psycho-therapist help for various reasons, but generally it is when something bothers them in their life.

It could be problems in the relationships such as communication problems with a partner, or a lack of friends, or an impossibility to create relationships, etc. It could also be physical / somatic disorders based on emotional conflicts or problems such as panic attacks, asthma, vegetative dystonia , chronic pain or high blood pressure, psycho-emotional disorders such as depression, inner emptiness, loss of interest / point in life, stagnation - when there is a feeling that nothing is happening, eating disorders, being incapable to start doing something, or, on the contrary, impossibility to relax.


And, of course, psychotherapy is used in order to understand better one self, to understand why I act like this and not otherwise, what blocks me in my development, how to deal with my complexes that interfere with my life, how to live further and build the relationships with the family members or work collegues, to understand what I really want and to define the plans for the future…

There can be many reasons and a professional therapist can help a lot. But a certain line needs to be crossed.

Taking decision to make changes in life.

Quite often people wait for a long time before taking an appointment. Because it would mean to acknowledge that there is a problem. Quite often people take an appointment and may cancel it at the last moment.

It is important to understand that one of the factors that influences on the therapy process is the motivation of the person.

Motivation of the person is the key to triggering changes in that person’s life. Quite often the decisive moment is that thought – „I can’t take it anymore – I need to do something!”…and the results are worth it… After all, it affects the quality of life - getting rid of bad habits, feeling of happiness and completeness, opportunity to show one’s feelings, building a successful relationship, reducing the number of quarrels and misunderstandings in the family.

To value yourself, feel youself happy and complete, understand yourself, realize yourself and find an occupation that you really enjoy.

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