psychoterapy doctor, specialist in psychosomatics, psychotherapy specialist.


sait1Before you agree to accept the help of a professional or even just decide to discuss the accumulated problems, you will probably want to at least briefly learn some important things about the other person. Otherwise, it is difficult to count on mutual trust in relationship, without which the psychotherapist, in turn, will have great difficulty in providing you effective assistance.

That's why here are a few words about myself:
My psychotherapy practice is located in Riga. As a psychotherapy doctor, I consult in “Vivendi” clinic. It is possible to conduct consultations face-to-face or remotely.

However, this is only a part of my work. Modern means of communication allow the possibilities of traditional psychotherapy expand without a limit and offer help regardless of distance and time. And as my practice shows, this is no less effective.

Thus, my work consists of two main areasdirect sessions of psychotherapeutic assistance and online consultations.



The main information worth knowing about me:

Working methods: Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy for adults and adolescents. Support therapy. Crisis intervention. Drug therapy.



Working languages: Latvian, Russian, English.12


Research topics: Specifics of the psychosomatic approach to patients with cardiac diseases. Alexithymia. Somatoform disorders. Burnout syndrome. Issues of communication and social adaptation. Post-traumatic syndrome. Adaptation Disorders.



 Popular science publications: Publications and interviews about psychotherapy, psychodynamic approach and psychosomatic disorders. You can find out more about this on another page of this site – articles.



More detailed information below:



RSU, doctoral division. Studies in program „Medicine“, Thesis „Connection between depression symptomatics and oxidative stress indicators in patients with stable coronary heart disease (CHD).“, 2015-2018.;

Ph. D. since 2023;

Liepaja University, 2018. Course “Pedagogy”. Accredited for educational work;

Clinic of psychiatry of Vilnius University: "Training of Teachers and Supervisors of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy" 2013 – 2015.;

Riga University of Stardina, Residency for Psychotherapy specialization, 2008 - 2012.;

Family Therapy and couple therapy based on McMaster’s approach model 2009 - 2011.;

Riga University of Stradina, Doctor’s Degree 2002 - 2008.  

Work experience

Lecturer for the RSU Internal disease department, since 2015;

Psychotherapist and specialist in psychosomatic medicine – clinic «Vivendi» (Riga), since 2015;

Official Consultant for «mobbingu.net» website since 2015;

Participation in the development of the program, the creation of teaching materials and the implementation of the project «Healthcare for Patients with Disabilities – Preventing Diseases and Maintaining Wellbeing: Decreasing Risk Factors, Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and Carrying out Physical Activities» 2019;

Participation in the development of the program, the creation of teaching materials and the implementation of the project «Diagnostics and Treatment of Psychosomatic, Somatoform and Personality Disorders» 2019;

Participation in the development of the program, the creation of teaching materials and the implementation of the project «Applying Physical Activities in Psychiatric Care» 2019;

One of the two co-authors of the programm «Development of the Educational Program and Providing Training to Counselors Working on the Hotline for Smokers» . One of the teachers in a training course upon the commission of the Disease Control and Prevention Centre (2017).

Participation in the project Creating and Conducting Seminars for Teachers Working in Educational Institutions About Professional Burnout and Ways of Preventing It, and About the Importance of Forming Positive Interaction Between Secondary School Students for Psychoemotional Wellbeing and Bullying Prevention in SchoolsThe project was realized upon the commission of the Disease Control and Prevention Centre ( 2016).

Co-author for teaching materials for the project “Burnout Syndrome: Treatment and Prevention Options for Healthcare Professionals”, commissioned by the Ministry of Health and the Disease Control and Prevention Centre (2015)

Staging in Academy of Psychosomatic medicine, Berlin 2014;

2012-2013 Participation to the national project " Creation of psycho-emotional support to workers of emergency medical care". In scope of this project carried out crisis intervention to medical care workers;

2012-2013 - Participation to the project "Social-psychological assistance to the persons in retirement or before-retirement age with problems of social isolation" with assistance of the European Union. In scope of this project was giving lectures and leading group therapy;

Lecturer for the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine RSU 2009.-2014;

Private consultations;

Participation in different experience changing programms

Regensburg University (Germany)
Regensburgas Universitātē (Vācija).

Diplomas and Certificates

Additional information


Individual psychodynamic psycho-therapy for adults and adolescents. Support therapy. Crisis intervention. Medication therapy.


Latvian, Russian, English

Research topics:

Specificities of the psychosomatic approach to the patients with cardiology diseases. Alexithymia. Post-traumatic syndrome. Adaptation disorders ...

Scientific publications:

Publications and interviews on psycho-therapy, psycho-dynamic approach and psycho-somatic disorders.

Additional information:

Latvian Medical association (LĀB);

Member of Latvian Association for Psychodynamic Psychiatry,

Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy (LPTA)

Member of Latvian Society of Psychotherapists

Member of EAPM (European Association of Psychosomatic Medecine)

Doctor-psychotherapist with the right to teach his speciality;

Rising Star of the Year - 2012;

Best Collegue of the year 2013.



And if the information about me seemed to you enough for the first acquaintance, and you feel the need to understand your life situationlet me know about it. I hope we can do it together.

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